Welcome to the Global Youth Activation Summit

The 2011 Special Olympics Global Youth Activation Summit has officially begun! Special Olympics CEO Tim Shriver joined 67 youth leaders from around the world to help kick off 10 days of discussions and strategy development sessions to activate youth in creating communities of social change.

Hear Tim’s words of advice as youth join the “Dignity Revolution” and become leaders today.

Plus, in talking with the youth, Tim charged the leaders with a lofty task of playing unified to live unified and bringing unified programs to the world. “I think you should be the historic youth summit that would set the goal of having a unified program in every school in the world.”

Check out some great photos of Tim’s trip to the Global Youth Activation Summit, including a visit from Spread the Word to End the Word creator Soeren Palumbo and International Global Messenger Ariel Ary.

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Manager of Youth Leadership for Special Olympics Project UNIFY. I hope to share with you lots of great stories about our youth leaders, school programs and other amazing things we're doing here at Special Olympics.

One thought on “Welcome to the Global Youth Activation Summit

  1. There is no doubt in my mind. You are leaders now – today – and there is no need to wait for the future. I have grey hair and bad knees. Tim Shriver is right. Don’t wait! Start the dignity revolution now and the world will be a better place when your knees get bad. That way those who come behind you will see it all as the accepted way of life. Wouldn’t it be great if there was no longer a need for a dignity revolution?

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