The Philippines Government Visits Youth Summit

Tanealya Hueth Presents SOI Board Member Ray Lane with a Summit Shirt

Kevin Farr, CFO Mattel and Bob Norbie, CEO Special Olympics Montana Welcome Tanealya to Athens
Meeting Maria Shriver!

 On Saturday, June 25,  I was interviewed by officials of the Philippines government which was a big time responsibility and interesting.  They asked me questions about the youth summit. I was not even nervous about it at all and I just told them how athletes with disabilities just want to be treated equally and instead of being discriminated towards. I told them how these athletes feel being at the youth summit and how they were excited about being in Athens Greece for the global youth activation summit. I told them I got to meet different athletes and partners and chaperones from many different countries. I also got to have a really good experience with speaking in front of a big crowd yesterday when I got to introduce Tim Shriver in the morning and 2 Board members at night at a welcome dinner.  Kevin Farr and Ray Lane were both really nice to meet and I think it is cool they like being on the Special Olympics International Board of Directors. Maria Shriver and all of her family came to the summit this afternoon and I got to visit with Maria and Timbo and get my picture with them.


 It was kind of nice to meet the government people from the Philippines and get interviewed by them and that just made my day go better.  I was kind of glad to be interviewed by their government and tell them my story and how I got involved in Special Olympics and what kind of sports I am in doing in my home town.


As a Special Olympics athlete it makes me feel honored to have world government leaders and important business people take interest in our youth summit and what youth care about. We all felt important when the Shriver’s all came to see what we were doing.



3 thoughts on “The Philippines Government Visits Youth Summit

  1. Wow Tanealya~

    This sounds amazing. I can’t wait to read more. I am so grateful for all you do to further Project Unify not only here in Montana but also in the world. You are a gift.

    Thanks for sharing your journey here!


  2. Tanealya, YOU ARE ROCKIN’ OVER THERE IN GREECE! You seem to be in EVERY picture on this blog, and you are meeting so many cool people. All of that coupled with the fact that you handle it like a superstar, wow! Way to go and way to represent Montana!

    Nolan at SOMT

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