Core of Special Olympics

This week we have been enhancing our leadership skills, learning about different
Special Olympics programs from around the world, having fun, and so much more.
We participated in numerous conferences and discussions which strengthened our ability to activate our schools and communities back at home. Along with meeting Tim
Shriver, we went to the Parliament, the opening ceremonies, and visited sites
like the Acropolis and Plaka.

Even though all of these experiences are life changing and motivational, it is
important to stay focused on sports, which are at the core of Special Olympics.
We had a chance to play basketball and volleyball with the other GYAS members
and it was great to do what got us all involved in the first place. We felt
like it strengthened our relationship with some of the other participants and
gave us an opportunity to see each other in our prime. Without the sports Project
Unify would not have the power that it has. Playing sports is one of the most
unifying activities and it provides a common ground for athletes and partners
to interact. We just want to remember our roots and the initial mission of
Special Olympics.

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About sarahgyas

My name is Sarah Barnhart, I'm going into my junior year in Cherry Creek High School in Colorado. I've partnered in Special Olympics since i was 9 and I am now almost 16. My brother Ben is attending the Global Youth Activation summit with me in Athens, Greece from June 22 to July 5. I hope you all enjoy our posts!

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