We are the Change!

Together, we can make change!

Skyler Sharp reporting from Greece…”Being here in Greece I have been shown how much fo an impact that youth can have on their communities and the world. When I get back I hope to make an impact as well as get other people involved with youth leadership and Special Olympics.”

Chris Sullivan reports… “I Love it! I talked to my friends Josh and Noah last night on the computer. I danced with everyone.”

By the end of this trip I am fairly confident Chris will have a photo with someone from each country represented here. I am daily inspired by the camaraderie youth here demonstrate regardless of any intellectual, political or religious backgrounds. No language or ability barrier is going to stop this group from making a difference in their communities and in the world. The political situation here in Greece is difficult, but it is somewhat ironic that Special Olympics and Project UNIFY bring this amazing example of hope to Greece and the world at such a difficult time!

Yesterday we ate breakfast with the celebrities including Eddie Barbanell and Dikembe Mutombo.  The breakfast was not only nutritious but empowered youth to be the change!  Apolo Anton Ohno provided an inspiring message of how important Unified Sports are and the difference they create in the sports arena and our communities!  Discussions also surrounded how we are going to get the media to help us make changes!  Chris, Skyler and youth from around the world continued to shine with their presentations.  The night ended with dance… the best part about dancing is that it supersedes any language or ability!  Youth from around the world danced the night away to music that spanned the globe.  Today we are off to cheer on athletes and meet more people at the games!   – Team Oregon 


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Hi Everyone! I'm a teacher from the Pacific Northwest! I love working at Forest Grove High School and all the great students there! We have been involved with Project UNIFY for 3 years and are excited to begin our 4th year this fall!

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