Sarah: So we were going around to the different venues to interview athletes. When we got to athletics I saw this HUGE group of team USA, so I was like let’s go over there! When we got over there I walked up to a coach and asked if I could interview one of the athletes and he point me to Andy! He said this is Andy and he is from North Carolina, I was like Andy, IM FROM NC!!!! It was great! 🙂 Best moment of the day!



Joseph: Tuesday was just another amazing day! I loved being the first to be on the webinar and talking to teens from around the world about the Global Youth Summit and Special Olympics. It was so fun.

The most important part about the day was that me and my partner Sarah went out and interviewed lots of the athlete at OAKA. We even met up with Andy Delafield from Greensboro North Carolina at the track competition. The part that made me smile the most was when I was high-fiving them and wishing them luck for their competition tomorrow. I think I want to be a reporter as I get older!


I seem to be picking up a lot of friends while I’m here and I’m having a really good time.


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