Athens and the Amazing GYAS


Team USA Members!

WOW!!!! Now that I am back home after 2 wonderful weeks in Athens at the 2011 World Summer Games and Global Youth Summit I can’t believe how awesome it all was!  My favorite memories and experiences were meeting athletes from 33 countries and sharing our stories and ideas. We are all from different countries but we care about the same stuff! It was really fun to interview athletes from all over the world as part of our GYAS experience. One time, Jordan Shubert, an athlete from Illinois, translated for us other athletes when we interviewed athletes from Venezuela. That was so cool to have an athlete translating for us other athletes.

We got to meet Apollo Ono when he came to our breakfast about Youth Empowerment. What a great guy. His main promise was that he would do his best to get more media coverage about Special Olympics and us athletes. He talked about never failing and being better each day than you were the day before. I will use that in my work with Spread the Word to End the Word.

We had super fun sessions on fundraising and cool ways to promote the Red Laces. Our GYAS came up with lots of fun ways to wear the laces and promote the laces.

Team Mattel came to bowling night and gave us lots of fun time with bowling and great food. Team Mattel also helped make a great Young Athletes Program by supporting Opening Ceremonies and a demonstration that was really cool and fun to watch. I am going to do the same thing at my state summer games in 2012 for my state. That is my big project from the GYAS….making a really good Young Athletes Program at our state summer games.

GYAS was awesome and I am glad I got to go and be a facilitator and be part of all the events. Thanks everyone!


Tanealya Hueth Montana USA



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