when you accept someone new you have the right to put them on the playing field and to be at the sides when i meet the india team we were stuck like glue we had alot of fun being at the gyas i will never forget when i said my last goodbyes in athens greece  i had a blast interviewing athletes and coaches. i want to travel alot and go to new gyas meetings i will always remember how i got to meet tim shriver the coo of special olympics of washington dc and how he works with project unify committee and how he always talks about playing on the playing field it doesn’t matter who you are you just play on the field and respect your teammates and coaches. when i was in athens greece for the world games i got to meet team brazil and paraguay and team italy it was so much fun hanging out with those kinds of team they act like your team and always have fun cheering for gyas 2011 and we got to sing their song i sure do miss seeing the acropolis and sight seeing and learning how to take the metro there then i got to work with soeren and he talked about the r word campaign and how he got it going in his so college just like timbo did i also got to meet the beach volleyball player as well so i got some good ideas about the project unify for our next meetings i am hoping we get to go to korea or back to lincoln nebraska for gyas meetings i would love to do that and faciliate more than i have ever done before.

sincerely tanealya hueth 2011 gyas


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