Meeting Lauren Alaina at the NYLC

I was so excited when I meet Lauren Alaina at the National Youth Leadership Conference. I got to be at the press conference with her and Danielle Liebl and she performed at the convention center. She sang Wildflower and Georgia Peaches. I got to have one on one time with her at the conference and asked her questions about Special Olympics and how she got involved in her hometown and how she can work with athletes and unified partners.

At the NYLC, I got to learn to make schools inclusive, instead of exclusive, and encourage people to join the Special Olympics group or partners club in their school. On Wednesday night we got to have an ice cream social with Lauren Alaina and ask her more questions and tell her our stories about how we got involved in Special Olympics. I was so glad I got to be part of the National Service Learning Conference for Special Olympics and walk around Minnesota and go to the Mall of America. We walked to the Minnesota Special Olympics office to have our meetings and the state mentors were there with the Youth Activation Summit members and communications group. The state mentors learned something new from the Youth Activation group and what they can do back in their hometowns and what they can change in their Youth committee. I am going to encourage Montana to apply for a Special Olympics grant to have a Youth Activation summit in my home town, encourage my group to do more R word campaigns, rallies and youth leadership conferences.

tanealya hueth program development committee.


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