The Golden Rams Get Unified

The following post comes from National Youth Activation Committee member, Jordan Schubert. Jordan is a die-hard sports fan, a student at West Chester University and big-time supporter of Unified Sports. Below Jordan shares how he’s helping to bring Unified Sports everywhere he goes.

In 2010, I was one of the founders for Special Olympics Illinois’ first Unified Soccer program. Since I’ve left and moved to Pennsylvania, the program has grown immensely. When I arrived to West Chester, PA, there were not as many Unified Programs in Chester County or all of Pennsylvania. One of the first people I contacted to create a strong Unified Sports program was Dr. Monica Lepore. Dr. Lepore has been a kinesiology professor at West Chester University for many years and she runs many sport and recreation programs for kids with disabilities in Chester County.

Dr. Lepore’s kinesiology students support these programs as part of their graduation requirements, but she also loves having non-kinesiology students volunteer as well. When I first contacted her last summer and told her about all the stuff I’ve done with Project UNIFY, she was thrilled to have me start working with local elementary and middle schools, building Unified Programs at that level. Last year, I worked with Dr. Lepore and her students to teach younger kids the essential skills of soccer and basketball. We even got to play some Unified games together. This coming school year, we hope to start working with local schools and introduce kids to Unified Sports at an early age.

I can’t wait!

“With all you strength and all your might! Hey! Win! We Can! So here we go again! Rah, Rah, Rah, Rah, West Chester U!”

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Manager of Youth Leadership for Special Olympics Project UNIFY. I hope to share with you lots of great stories about our youth leaders, school programs and other amazing things we're doing here at Special Olympics.

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