Everyone has ABILITIES!

Many people use the term “person with an intellectual disability”, but I prefer to say a “person with different abilities” because people with different abilities are sharing their talents in their schools, communities and workplaces everyday.

I have a different ability.

Having a different ability in my case is not a let-down. It is actually is a very positive thing. I am able to do certain things that some people would have a difficulty with. In my position, I am in charge of maintaining an accurate inventory of resources, as well as facilitating shipping requests and assisting with administrative operations, communications and social media. Because of my abilities, I am a positive member of my team at work.

Another positive thing about having a different ability is being seen as a role model and mentor. This past summer I had the opportunity to manage an intern who also had a different ability. There were a few challenges throughout the summer. Regardless of those challenges, this individual looked up to me as a role model and mentor throughout his internship. I was viewed the same way when I participated with Special Olympics at George Mason University. I was viewed by my teammates as a leader, role model and mentor for being a student and an athlete during my four years. It is a positive feeling to be seen in this perspective by many people.

As I see it, there is nothing negative about having a different ability at all. You just need to take the negativity and turned it around into positivity. Through your positivity, your different ability will show its full potential and more. A positive mind is able to accomplish anything in life.

In the end, we need to dig deep within ourselves and believe that we are all capable of great and wonderful things in life. We all have gifts and talents because of our different abilities and we should let them shine, not hide them from everyone. The sky is the limit if we remain focused and determined to show everyone our gifts and talents.


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