A Call to Action – Ready to Share YOUR Story?

In history classes, students learn about the lives of our Founding Fathers such as Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and even Benjamin Franklin.  Students discover the important contributions these leaders sacrificed in leading the Citizens of the United States of America, through times of happiness and sadness.  Each one of them had a unique personal message and perspective of this world.  Now I ask, “What is your story?”

When Eunice Kennedy Shriver saw the injustices, the exclusion and the inequities facing persons with disabilities, she founded a Camp to capitalize on the idea of “yes we can!” through engaging in sports.  For nearly 45 years, Special Olympics has grown from a vision to a reality, empowering more than 4 million Special Olympics athletes from over 170 countries.  Many initiatives such as Healthy Athletes, Spread the Word to End the Word, and Project UNIFY have strengthened our message of inclusion, acceptance and dignity for all people.


The United Nations Post-2015 Civil Society is part of a group of consultants from throughout the world, inquiring for our experiences as youth in today’s world.  The topic is on Young People and Inequalities and the last day for submissions is January 18, 2013.

Now is it YOUR Turn, to share YOUR Story!

We encourage you to:

  1. Create an account which can be completed quickly.
  2. Contribute to the online discussion about the inequalities facing Young People:
    1. Do we believe that people with disabilities have the same opportunities as people without disabilities?
    2. Do we co-create inclusive school environments that are supportive, respectful and equitable?
    3. Do we value that people of all abilities are assets that can contribute their unique gifts and talents to the community?
  3. Follow @inequality2015 on Twitter; Tweet including the Hashtag, #inequalities2015
  4. Activate your friends, family and the community to contribute too!

You may be thinking, where should I begin?  You can use the following paragraph to start your post, and then share your personal experiences from Special Olympics.

I am an advocate and believer in the Special Olympics Movement that provides opportunity and growth for persons with intellectual disabilities.  Through awareness and education, youth are co-creating equitable and inclusive schools, celebrating the talents and gifts of all people.  Through Unified Sports and Inclusive Youth Leadership, we continue to crush the barriers of exclusion and build communities of respect and inclusion.  We are thankful for the progress that has been made in making this world a more just place for all people.   We declare that more needs to break free from chains of hatred and initiate community bonds of acceptance and love. 

Thank YOU for your leadership and courage in taking action on our Dignity Revolution for all People!

We are United,

We are Committed,

And we ARE Agents of Change!

About the Author: Clement Coulston is a National Youth Activation Committee Member who is co-chairing a committee that is developing an Inclusive Youth Leadership Guide for high school students, and State YACs to engage, support and encourage this type of leadership.

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