Aspiration and Inspiration

The following guest post comes from Rajeswari Ranjan, a youth leader and advocate with Special Olympics Bharat (India). Over the last two years, Special Olympics Project UNIFY has expanded globally in five countries – Bharat, Austria, Italy, Serbia and Romania – thanks to the generous support of Ray and Stephanie Lane.  

SOBharatMy name is Rajeswari Ranjan of India! It gives me great pleasure to put down my experience as being a part of this prestigious community that strives to serve and reduce the gap between people with and without intellectual disabilities. It’s been more than a year since I have been associated with Special Olympics and Project UNIFY! Special Olympics provides people with intellectual disabilities opportunities to realize their potential, develop physical fitness, experience joy and friendship.

My special friends are not only filled with zeal but have a great courage in them to move on in life as each day passes by! They act as a role model for me because I believe that “not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until faced”. They are the real heroes of our generation because they have the courage and potential to face everything in life with great dedication and sincerity! They have inspired me to become like them! The only disability in life is a bad attitude!

Hence, from nowhere can my friends be called disabled because they live life to the fullest and are filled with positive energy! It’s been a great experience working with them right from the beginning of the Project UNIFY Youth Leaders Training Program, Opening Eyes Programs, Youth Activation Committee Workshop followed by the Unified Sports Festival, Project UNIFY Awareness Program and the Project UNIFY Cultural Program that I have attended to date! Being a sportsperson at the national level, I am very happy to regard myself as a youth leader!

Hats off to the entire team for such an innovative work! Everyone’s doing a great job.


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