Leaders of Tomorrow

Day One of the Special Olympics North America Conference ended a positive note for the 90 youth leaders. All 90 of them will be going back to their states after the conference concludes with new ideas on Here what some of the youth leaders will be doling after the conference in their states.

Kaitlyn and Matthew from S.O. Kansas: “We are going back to our school to start up Project UNIFY for next year.”

Julia and Perez from S.O. District of Columbia: “We are go to push Special Olympics DC into the schools. Special Olympics DC has a great community base of older athletes.but are not really in schools. So we are going to make a big push to Special Olympics in the DC Schools.”

Madison and Tori from S.O. Kentucky: “We are try our best to bring more people into our local Special Olympics program. We are also going to do our best to start up a Project UNIFY club at our school.”

Marta and Grace from S.O. Wisconsin: “We are try to unified our communities around our school communities.”


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