Halfway experience of the SONA Conference

We are half way through the 2013 SONA Conference in Charlotte, NC. The 90 youth leaders are having a great time at the conference. Here are some highlights of the week thus far.

Terri and Savanna from SO. South Dakota: “We think the conference is really great and has given us a lot information to take back to our state and school to get Project UNIFY started. We also think people should really get involved.”

Christopher and Austin from S.O. Arizona: “We think the SONA Conference is good to get people more information about getting Project UNIFY and Unified Sports into the schools. We like it as well!

Shane from S.O. Utah: It is great and interesting!”

Savannah and Jhaicelle from S.O. Southern California: “This conference is awesome, excellent, fantastic, amazing, fun and we are making new friends! We are learning a lot of information to bring back to our home in Southern California.”

Ian and Gunnar from S.O. Idaho: “It is fun, exciting and chance to meet new people.It is the best experience ever for us.”

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About Jerry

Hi, I'm Jerry! I'm a Special Olympics Viriginia athlete and I have competing for 16 years in six sports. I now work at Special Olympics with Project Unify as Project UNIFY Coordinator. Have any questions about Project UNIFY, don't be afraid to ask!

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