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I volunteer with Special Olympics and I love it! :)

the experience :)

The experience you get from a Special Olympics event is indescribable. My trip to the World Summer Games was the experience of a lifetime..and I will never forget it. The athletes are so inspiring and they made my entire trip a blast. Also, the Global Youth Summit was the best! They kind of took me in during the week and let me join them in everything. I gained SO many new spreading the word ideas, fundraising ideas, project unify ideas, and it was really cool to see teenagers from all over the world uniting over one cause. In most teenage environments there is judgement and you worry what people are thinking about you..but not here. GYAS gave everybody the permission the be yourself and not care whats going through other peoples minds. If I only take one message home with me..thats it. Also, the friends i made at GYAS are friends i will have for a longgggg time. 🙂

I’m going to use all of the ideas i got at GYAS to hopefully educate, excite, and motivate my school and community about Special Olympics and Project Unify. Its going to be quite a challenge, but im up for it. 🙂


Project Unify :)

Project Unify is probably one of the greatest things Special Olympics has come up with. I played Beach Volleyball yesterday..it was the greatest! It really emphasized that even though someone has an intellectual DIFFability, they have the same ability as anyone else. As Eunice Kennedy Shriver once said, “The right to play on any playing field? You have earned it!” Just because someone has a tougher time learning does not mean they have a tougher time with something else. These athletes are crazy good!..and a great inspiration. 🙂