Apollo Ohno and Me!

Jordan had the opportunity to film a small question and answer session with Apollo Ohno today. Below is his perspective of his experience.

I am an athlete who enjoys the thrill of competing. There are millions of athletes worldwide who enjoy it as well. I have won eighteen medals in eight years of competing in Special Olympics. Although in competitions there is only one winner, off the fields/court/ice, we all team up hoping to achieve the same victor of unity together. Yesterday, I got the chance to meet Mr. Apollo Anton Ohno, a US Olympic gold medalist and a fifteen-year speed skating veteran. Apollo has been very passionate about his sport for many years and has worked really hard to get to where he is today. Off the ice, Apollo is working for the same goal as many of us at the summit, and that is to create inclusion and unity in sports. Ohno has been a supporter of Special Olympics for many years and hopes to give more Special Olympians the chance to speed skate. He is also a follower of Tim Shriver’s “Dignity Revolution” and will rebel against exclusion along with millions of other people. From one gold medalist to another, it has been an honor to interview you, Apollo Ohno and I hope to see you at another World Games in the future. 

Filming with Apollo



The Acropolis!

Temple of the Wingless Victory!Alli, Tanealya, Jordan and Kim at the Parthenon.

Alli and Jordan wanted to reflect on their experience at the Acropolis….

In the United States, anything from before1800 is considered old. The Greeks would laugh at that. They have beautifully constructed buildings from BC times, such as the Acropolis. It is amazing how a building could still stand and look magnificent after wars, growth and time, along with a lack of modern technology. Although the once vibrant colors of the Parthenon have faded, its beauty remains and should be an example to modern architecture. The Acropolis provided breathtaking views of the city, ranging from ancient ruins to the modern Olympic stadiums, which our athletes are competing in! Seeing such a beautiful structure will be a moment we will never forget