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am a project unify program development committee for special olympics north america.

Meeting Lauren Alaina at the NYLC

I was so excited when I meet Lauren Alaina at the National Youth Leadership Conference. I got to be at the press conference with her and Danielle Liebl and she performed at the convention center. She sang Wildflower and Georgia Peaches. I got to have one on one time with her at the conference and asked her questions about Special Olympics and how she got involved in her hometown and how she can work with athletes and unified partners.

At the NYLC, I got to learn to make schools inclusive, instead of exclusive, and encourage people to join the Special Olympics group or partners club in their school. On Wednesday night we got to have an ice cream social with Lauren Alaina and ask her more questions and tell her our stories about how we got involved in Special Olympics. I was so glad I got to be part of the National Service Learning Conference for Special Olympics and walk around Minnesota and go to the Mall of America. We walked to the Minnesota Special Olympics office to have our meetings and the state mentors were there with the Youth Activation Summit members and communications group. The state mentors learned something new from the Youth Activation group and what they can do back in their hometowns and what they can change in their Youth committee. I am going to encourage Montana to apply for a Special Olympics grant to have a Youth Activation summit in my home town, encourage my group to do more R word campaigns, rallies and youth leadership conferences.

tanealya hueth program development committee.


fall leadership conference special olympics montana eks

this September we are going to be hosting a fall leadership conference and Brady Lum is going to be there for our sessions to see how amazing the gyas facilator Tanealya Hueth is going to be and recongizing soi  during the fall leadership conference am very excited to be doing it….. our theme for the fall leadership is going to be all athens greek and eating gyros for sandwiches that i ate in athens greece and having greek salad am excited for people to be able to learn what i did in athens greece….. i have to make sure i wear my name tag for the gyas and my polo shirt and my blue sweats we got for opening ceremonies for the first day am going to wear my white polo shirt and my name tag and nice work pants and the second day am going to wear my blue athens greece sweats and my white polo shirt as well and my shoes that i wore for athens greece….. am going to be posting new stuff from my fall leadership conference i am so excited about it yeah for me….. i hope people will be able to put on facebook blogs twitter….. i am hoping to teach my new leaders how to become strong facilitors for their states and take back what they learned from the fall leadership conference this setpember…… i am also excited for the banquet saturday the 24th we are going as geeks or beauty from athens greece am so excited to be working it am going to be with tammy peterson the whole time am so excited to be doing the fall leadership conference…… so i get to work with other state gyas people who are going to be new to the fall leadership conference in september so excited i hope it just all goes well……. we also have emma earl helping with it as well she is my unified partner this year for project unify and she was in athens greece with me she might be able to be part of state yac and project unify committee i would have  to talk to joanne and see if she is going to get involved with us and our big projects we are going to be doing…….. Tammy Peterson and Samantha Mcleod is going to be part of this as well and so is kira Bigler and me and my best friend Trevor trainer is going to be involved in the special Olympics fall leadership conference as well am so excited to be part of that group its going to be a big sucess i hope…… i am hoping people will take sometime to spend time in our sessions and learn new things in fall leadership conference this septemeber i hope we will get good comments after the fall leadership is all over i am hoping for a good session and learning what i did in athens greece for the world summer games 2011 am going to be showing a slide show of my pictures and talk about it so my presentation is going to be long i have so much to learn about…. today we got to learn about how to carry the eunice kennedy shriver legacy and we celebrated her yesterday and then today we are learning how to do blogs and coming up with good key words for special olympics blogs so they are learning new information…….

sincerely tanealya  hueth gyas faciliator 2011


when you accept someone new you have the right to put them on the playing field and to be at the sides when i meet the india team we were stuck like glue we had alot of fun being at the gyas i will never forget when i said my last goodbyes in athens greece  i had a blast interviewing athletes and coaches. i want to travel alot and go to new gyas meetings i will always remember how i got to meet tim shriver the coo of special olympics of washington dc and how he works with project unify committee and how he always talks about playing on the playing field it doesn’t matter who you are you just play on the field and respect your teammates and coaches. when i was in athens greece for the world games i got to meet team brazil and paraguay and team italy it was so much fun hanging out with those kinds of team they act like your team and always have fun cheering for gyas 2011 and we got to sing their song i sure do miss seeing the acropolis and sight seeing and learning how to take the metro there then i got to work with soeren and he talked about the r word campaign and how he got it going in his so college just like timbo did i also got to meet the beach volleyball player as well so i got some good ideas about the project unify for our next meetings i am hoping we get to go to korea or back to lincoln nebraska for gyas meetings i would love to do that and faciliate more than i have ever done before.

sincerely tanealya hueth 2011 gyas

Athens and the Amazing GYAS


Team USA Members!

WOW!!!! Now that I am back home after 2 wonderful weeks in Athens at the 2011 World Summer Games and Global Youth Summit I can’t believe how awesome it all was!  My favorite memories and experiences were meeting athletes from 33 countries and sharing our stories and ideas. We are all from different countries but we care about the same stuff! It was really fun to interview athletes from all over the world as part of our GYAS experience. One time, Jordan Shubert, an athlete from Illinois, translated for us other athletes when we interviewed athletes from Venezuela. That was so cool to have an athlete translating for us other athletes.

We got to meet Apollo Ono when he came to our breakfast about Youth Empowerment. What a great guy. His main promise was that he would do his best to get more media coverage about Special Olympics and us athletes. He talked about never failing and being better each day than you were the day before. I will use that in my work with Spread the Word to End the Word.

We had super fun sessions on fundraising and cool ways to promote the Red Laces. Our GYAS came up with lots of fun ways to wear the laces and promote the laces.

Team Mattel came to bowling night and gave us lots of fun time with bowling and great food. Team Mattel also helped make a great Young Athletes Program by supporting Opening Ceremonies and a demonstration that was really cool and fun to watch. I am going to do the same thing at my state summer games in 2012 for my state. That is my big project from the GYAS….making a really good Young Athletes Program at our state summer games.

GYAS was awesome and I am glad I got to go and be a facilitator and be part of all the events. Thanks everyone!


Tanealya Hueth Montana USA


Young Athletes Rock!

Today our Global Youth Summit visited the Young Athletes Program. It was amazing with Opening Ceremonies and everything! I was very impressed with how much the little athletes age 2-7 really enjoyed doing their exercises for us today and how happy their parents and friends were to see them perform at the World Games in Athens. It’s great that Team Mattel was there to cheer them on and support them because Team Mattel is the sponsor who makes it possible for Young Athletes Programs to happen.

 I really love the Young Athletes Program because I am an athlete mentor for it back in my home town in Montana, USA.  The Young Athlete Program has helped me to feel confident being a leader because I help lead the kids in activities in my home town of Great Falls, Montana, USA and that really builds my confidence and now I am not shy or afraid to talk to groups of people about Special Olympics. The Young Athletes Program helps kids 2-7 years old get ready to be part of their local teams when they turn 8. Today they crawled through tunnels and kicked goals and it made their families really proud of them.

 There were 100’s of volunteers who made it easy for the young athletes to know what to do and where they were supposed to go. It makes all of us feel important when so many volunteers come to help and show happiness for us and the young athletes.

 Getting ribbons and stuffed mascots was a big highlight for the young athletes and that makes them just like all the rest of us athletes. Getting medals and ribbons is what we love. Ron Vederman and Team Mattel gave the ribbons which is important to have VIP’s show the athletes they care.


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The Philippines Government Visits Youth Summit

Tanealya Hueth Presents SOI Board Member Ray Lane with a Summit Shirt

Kevin Farr, CFO Mattel and Bob Norbie, CEO Special Olympics Montana Welcome Tanealya to Athens
Meeting Maria Shriver!

 On Saturday, June 25,  I was interviewed by officials of the Philippines government which was a big time responsibility and interesting.  They asked me questions about the youth summit. I was not even nervous about it at all and I just told them how athletes with disabilities just want to be treated equally and instead of being discriminated towards. I told them how these athletes feel being at the youth summit and how they were excited about being in Athens Greece for the global youth activation summit. I told them I got to meet different athletes and partners and chaperones from many different countries. I also got to have a really good experience with speaking in front of a big crowd yesterday when I got to introduce Tim Shriver in the morning and 2 Board members at night at a welcome dinner.  Kevin Farr and Ray Lane were both really nice to meet and I think it is cool they like being on the Special Olympics International Board of Directors. Maria Shriver and all of her family came to the summit this afternoon and I got to visit with Maria and Timbo and get my picture with them.


 It was kind of nice to meet the government people from the Philippines and get interviewed by them and that just made my day go better.  I was kind of glad to be interviewed by their government and tell them my story and how I got involved in Special Olympics and what kind of sports I am in doing in my home town.


As a Special Olympics athlete it makes me feel honored to have world government leaders and important business people take interest in our youth summit and what youth care about. We all felt important when the Shriver’s all came to see what we were doing.


Global Youth Share Ideas!

so today everyone here at the gyas is sharing ideas about special olympics international about clubs  and how they get it involved and how they are going to try to get it in their schools. youth from all over the world are sharing ideas about how to revolutionize their schools so that all schools are unified. It is all about dignity!!!!