Young Athletes Rock!

Today our Global Youth Summit visited the Young Athletes Program. It was amazing with Opening Ceremonies and everything! I was very impressed with how much the little athletes age 2-7 really enjoyed doing their exercises for us today and how happy their parents and friends were to see them perform at the World Games in Athens. It’s great that Team Mattel was there to cheer them on and support them because Team Mattel is the sponsor who makes it possible for Young Athletes Programs to happen.

 I really love the Young Athletes Program because I am an athlete mentor for it back in my home town in Montana, USA.  The Young Athlete Program has helped me to feel confident being a leader because I help lead the kids in activities in my home town of Great Falls, Montana, USA and that really builds my confidence and now I am not shy or afraid to talk to groups of people about Special Olympics. The Young Athletes Program helps kids 2-7 years old get ready to be part of their local teams when they turn 8. Today they crawled through tunnels and kicked goals and it made their families really proud of them.

 There were 100’s of volunteers who made it easy for the young athletes to know what to do and where they were supposed to go. It makes all of us feel important when so many volunteers come to help and show happiness for us and the young athletes.

 Getting ribbons and stuffed mascots was a big highlight for the young athletes and that makes them just like all the rest of us athletes. Getting medals and ribbons is what we love. Ron Vederman and Team Mattel gave the ribbons which is important to have VIP’s show the athletes they care.


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